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Why Choose Blue Ridge Home Inspections?

We take pride in everything we do and we love what we do. Why does that matter to you? Blue Ridge Home Inspections does this job because we want to. As a result, we are eager to assist you with your home buying process and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work. We are a family owned and operated business and each of us has lived in Blue Ridge and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. We are familiar with the homes around here and our parent company, Blue Ridge Design and Development, LLC, has built over 50 homes in Georgia.

As far as our qualifications go, each of our inspectors is certified by the ICA and does continuing education every quarter. We are always striving to be better, because there is no such thing as being too good at what you do. We also have worker's compensation, general liability, and errors and omissions insurance. We are dedicated to ensuring that the investment you are going to make is worth your money and that each of our clients is well informed on the home they are purchasing. We take pride in everything we do and put our clients first. Customer service is one of our top priorities, and we ensure that each of our clients fully understands the inspection process, their report, and we keep each report on file for future reference. As a result, if you have an inspection completed by us and you have a question about your house a year down the road, we can answer it.

Each of us here at Blue Ridge Home Inspections and Blue Ridge Design and Development are dedicated to our jobs and understand the importance of a home inspection prior to buying a home. Although a home inspection may cost a few hundred dollars now, it could save you a few thousand dollars in the long run. Blue Ridge Home Inspections is here to assist you in being confident about your investment while also giving you a simple touch of southern hospitality.

We currently have two inspectors that work for us, which allows us to schedule multiple inspections a day. "Why does this matter to me?", you might ask. Well, this means that we are able to schedule your inspection sooner than usual and accommodate most all requests. Although we can't always make it work perfectly, we will do everything in our power to make your home inspection process as great as it can be, from scheduling to the inspection itself. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by guaranteeing same day reports, providing spectacular customer service, and just enjoying what we do and where we live. We want to welcome everyone to our small town with open arms, because we think that everyone should know how awesome Blue Ridge and the surrounding cities really are. We not only want to be your home inspectors, but we want to be your friends as you venture on the journey through the beautiful mountains that we call home.

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