Easy Ways to Keep Up With Your Home Maintenance

Easy Ways to Keep Up With Your Home Maintenance

Are you a current homeowner looking for some maintenance tips? Look no further, as today's blog is all out maintenance. At Blue Ridge Home Inspections, our certified home inspectors have completed many many inspections, which has allowed us to get the inside scoop on the best practices for maintenance in your home!

Learn some of the best tips for maintenance, and then contact us today to schedule your maintenance inspection.

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Replace Your Air Filters, Immediately and Frequently

One of the most common things we see during our home inspections is that the air filter just need to be replaced. This is a super easy fix, and typically inexpensive as well. There are a few benefits from changing your air filters on a regular basis. First and foremost, it will prolong the life of your unit. This will also increase your air quality tremendously. You'll be able to feel the difference! Having a routine schedule to change the air filters is highly recommended by our team.


Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are pretty commonly overlooked. In fact, we have been to many homes for a home inspection and they didn't have gutters at all. If that's the case for your home, our first recommendation is to install the gutters. Gutters are integral for the proper drainage away from the home. If you already have gutters installed, our recommendation is to clean them now and stay on top of that, too. If you have gutters and they aren't kept clean, they will not be as efficient for drainage away from the home. Also, keeping them clean saves your fascia board, which will say you in repair costs later on.


Appliances? Clean Those Too!

We see that appliances are commonly overlooked when it comes to cleanings, because most of them clean themselves in the process, right? Not quite.

Cleaning your appliances when you move in and regularly will not only prolong the life of them, but will also greatly improve their performance. There is also a product for washers and dishwashers that you can just throw a tab in and run it and it will clean it mostly for you! Then you just have a little bit of manual cleaning for a practically good as new appliance! By doing this, you can extend the life of the appliance tremendously. Regular maintenance checks can also be beneficial!

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Other Tips!

Some other tips our team has put together include planting some plants or have a landscaping plan! This adds a certain component to the home that is unlike any other. It's welcoming, warm, and takes the home to a whole new level.

The other big tip we have is just to have a schedule for maintenance. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, keeping up with the maintenance of your home with save you money and trouble in the long run, especially if you are thinking of selling your house eventually.

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At Blue Ridge Home Inspections, we take pride in providing comprehensive home inspections. We also offer a routine maintenance inspection to ensure your home is the most up to date with maintenance! Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment!

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