What You Can Expect After a Home Inspection

What You Can Expect After a Home Inspection

Are you selling a house in Blue Ridge, Georgia? Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it’s important to ensure that the home is inspected by an experienced professional. At Blue Ridge Home Inspections, our certified home inspectors will conduct a complete and thorough inspection of your home using the latest technology.

If you're new to home inspections, then today's blog post is for you! Learn what to expect after a home inspection, and contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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What Does a Home Inspection Cover?

All of our home inspections cover the structure and systems of a house. This includes visual inspection and testing of the roof, exterior walls, interior walls, foundation and basement, plumbing, electrical system, heating & air conditioning system, attic insulation & ventilation, windows & doors, and more. We also provide detailed digital reports detailing any areas of concern that require further inspection or repair.

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What Happens After the Home Inspection?

Once the home inspection is complete, our home inspector will provide you with a full report and detailed information regarding any problems found during the inspection. This can include anything from cracked foundations to faulty electrical wiring, so it's important to go over the report with your realtor or home seller. They may recommend repairs or modifications to the home that can help make it more marketable for a sale.

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What If Repairs are Needed?

If repairs are needed, you may need to hire a contractor to come in and address any issues found during the inspection. A buyer will typically have two to three business days to review the home inspection report and negotiate any necessary repairs with the seller.

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